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In the current climate of increasing health care costs, students on fixed incomes are particularly vulnerable. Each year, the cost of prescription drugs and basic health services take increasingly large portions out of the limited budgets of many students. Postponement of necessary but expensive medical procedures can have disastrous consequences and may jeopardize the completion of students’ academic programs. The Students’ Union operates group health and dental plans for members to ensure that all students have access to the medical services they require.

In the 2018-2019 school year, fees are $91 for health coverage, and $76.50 for dental coverage per semester.

Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in these plans when they register. Part-time and work-term students are not automatically enrolled, and must opt in at the MUNSU office if they would like coverage.

Fees for the health and dental plans are collected by the University in the fall and winter semester. Because the plans operate on a 12-month basis, students enrolled in MUNSU’s insurances in both the Fall and Winter semesters are covered until the following August.

It is Memorial University’s policy that all full-time students must be covered by an extended health plan (ie. a plan other than a provincial health care plan) and dental plan. Full-time students already covered may choose to opt out of one or both of the Students’ Union plans to receive a refund.  Please find more information on opting out below.


Your Greenshield policy ID (also called Plan Member ID) is MUN followed by your student ID -00 (for eg, MUN2017123456-00).

Greenshield no longer supplies MUNSU with physical proof of coverage cards. You can create and print your customized ID card here to take advantage of the pay-direct model at various providers. There is also a physical card located in the Student Handbook that you can fill out with your personal information.

For further questions on your Greenshield ID and creating your customized ID card, contact: MUNSU Health and Dental administrator | | 864-7633

For details on benefits, maximums, and exclusions, please visit and select Memorial University of Newfoundland Students’ Union (MUN). This site also contains the necessary forms and detailed instructions for filing a health, dental, or emergency travel claim.

You can file claims at the MUNSU office, and we will mail them to Greenshield on your behalf. We advise students that turn around time from submitting a claim to receiving reimbursement is approximately 2-3 weeks. If you do not receive your reimbursement, please contact Greenshield Canada at the contact information below.

You can also create an online account and submit claims online. Creating an account also allows you to view coverage details, view past and existing claims, as well as set up direct deposit.

For further questions on your online account, existing claims, and plan details contact: Green Shield Canada Customer Service | (888) 711-1119

Full-time students already covered under an extended health plan (i.e. a plan other than a provincial health care plan) and/or dental plan may choose to opt out of the Students’ Union plans to receive a refund of health and dental fees. As the Union’s plans include benefits specifically designed for students’ needs, retaining the coverage will increase total coverage and further reduce health care costs.

Full-time students are eligible to opt out each year during their first full-time academic semester, and do not need to opt-out again in the same academic year. Opting out must in each new academic year. Once a student has opted out, they are not able to opt back in during that same year unless their alternate insurance has been terminated.

MCP or other provincial healthcare plans are not sufficient to opt out of the MUNSU insurances, and these opt-outs will not be processed.

To opt out of the health and/or dental plans, students must complete an online waiver form and demonstrate proof of existing coverage in their first full-time academic semester of each year. For most students, this requires an opt out in September of each year. To opt out, please follow these steps:

1. Click the opt-out link, and follow the steps on the Green Shield website.

2. Follow the opt-out process as instructed by the Green Shield website. Be sure to provide accurate policy and identification numbers in order for your opt-out to be processed. As only one opt-out is accepted per student, if you have separate alternate insurances for health and dental, be sure to submit both insurances in a single opt-out on the same form.

Once you have completed your opt-out application, you will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of your application. Please print off or keep the email for your records for at least one year, and ensure that it says you have opted out from the MUNSU planIf you do not receive an email (and don’t forget to check spam), there might have been an issue with your opt-out application. In this case, contact our Health & Dental Administrator for assistance. Please carefully read the disclaimer contained in the confirmation email. Note that incomplete information or errors in the entry of your information may prevent you from receiving your opt-out reimbursement.

Refunds will be issued approximately two to three weeks after the last day to add courses. If fees have not been refunded to your student account by this date, please forward your email confirmation and student ID number to

There is an appeal process for students who have missed the opt-out deadline. Please complete this appeals form and return it into the MUNSU office.

Contact: Health & Dental Administrator | | (709) 864-7633

Part-Time and Work Term Students Part-time and work term students are not automatically enrolled in the health & dental plans via their student accounts. If these members wish to participate in the plans, they must complete an application and pay fees at the MUNSU Office. Unfortunately, MUNSU is not able to add these fees to a member’s student account. Members have until two weeks after the first day of classes in each semester to enroll in the health & dental plans.

The opt-in form can be found here, and can be returned by email or in person at the MUNSU office. MUNSU accepts debit and credit payments in person, and only credit over the phone.

Contact: Health & Dental Administrator | | (709) 864-7633

Family Coverage Members with a spouse and / or dependents have the option to purchase family coverage through the MUN Students’ Union. Purchasing this coverage will extend the member’s benefits to their family members as long as the student maintains their coverage.

This additional coverage can be purchased for the entire academic year each semester until the opt out deadline (two weeks after the first day of classes).

The opt-in form can be found here.

Contact: Health & Dental Administrator | | (709) 864-7633

You can find most information by visiting and selecting Memorial University of Newfoundland Students’ Union (MUN). Questions regarding benefits or claims should be directed to Green Shield Canada Customer Service at 1.888.711.1119. When calling, you must provide your GSC ID number, a unique identification code for each member. Your GSC ID number is MUN + Your Student Number (ex. MUN200908661). If you have other questions, please contact MUNSU by visiting UC-2000.

Contact: Green Shield Canada Customer Service | (888) 711-1119 Contact: Health & Dental Administrator | | (709) 864-7633



Contact: Health & Dental Administrator | | (709) 864-7633

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