Education is a Right

The Education is a Right campaign is the manifestation of students’ collective vision for a well-funded, high-quality, public post-secondary education system that builds a fair and equitable society. The campaign is organized by the Canadian Federation of Students. As part of the Education is a Right campaign students meet with Members of Parliament and Senators, collect petitions, and organize provincial campaigns. Most recently, students organized a National Student Day of Action on February 1, 2012.
Members of the MUN Students’ Union continue to fight for accessible education and promote the Education is a Right campaign – locally, provincially, and nationally. MUNSU representatives participate in provincial and national lobbying, meeting with representatives from all major political parties and voicing student concerns and interests.
For more information on the Education is a Right campaign click here.
Contact: Brad Greeley, Director of Campaigns||(709) 864 7633 ext. 208
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