The MUN Students’  Union offers four scholarships annually to members. In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Be at least beyond your first year
  • Participate in student life at Memorial (i.e. student government, clubs, societies, student media)
  • Have scholarship standing*

* Scholarship standing is defined as having a 75% average at the end of two out of the last three semesters in the previous scholarship year AND the successful completion of at least 30 credit hours in those two semesters. Students who fail one or more courses during the scholarship year, regardless of the number of courses completed, will NOT be eligible for scholarships.


The MUNSU 25th Anniversary Scholarship

Valued at $978, this scholarship is the result of an endowment established by MUNSU and will be awarded to an undergraduate student who has completed at least one year at Memorial University. Eligible applicants should be in clear scholarship standing and demonstrate active participation in student life.


The Dr. Wayne E. Ludlow Scholarship

This scholarship is the result of an endowment made by undergraduate students at Memorial University of Newfoundland to honour Dr. Wayne E. Ludlow on his retirement, in 1999, from the position of Dean of Student Affairs and Services. Valued at $1104, this scholarship is tenable to students beyond their second year, based on scholarship standing and demonstrated active participation in student life. Factors to be considered will include but not be limited to involvement in student government, clubs and societies, and student media. Financial need may also be considered.


The Dr. J. Douglas Eaton Scholarships

Upon the retirement of Dr. J. Douglas Eaton from the position of Vice-President (Student Affairs &Services) in 1983, the student body of Memorial University of Newfoundland donated a sum of money to fund two undergraduate scholarships in his honour, valued at $699 each. These awards, tenable to students beyond first year will be made on the basis of academic standing and demonstrated active participation in student life. In cases of competition between students of equal standing, need shall be the determining factor in awarding the scholarships.

The application package for 2017-18 can be found here.

Deadline for applications is October 31st at 12pm. Applications can be submitted by dropping them off to the MUNSU Office (UC-2000) or via email to

For more information, please contact John Godfrey, Director of Advocacy at 864-7633 or You can also visit the MUNSU Office at UC-2000.