Appeals to University Regulations

Memorial University operates through a system of committees, sub- committees, faculty councils, boards, and other decision-making structures. As the official representatives of undergraduate students at Memorial, MUNSU has worked hard to ensure that students represent students at every level of University decision-making.

The university bureaucracy can feel overwhelming at times but channels exist for students to address problems they encounter or decisions they feel are unjust and wish to appeal. MUNSU helps students understand their options and navigate the complex web of university decision-making. MUNSU representatives will help students at every stage of any process and will advocate on behalf of students wherever possible.

If you need to appeal an a University regulation or decision the Director of Advocacy can provide guidance about the University Calendar or Student Code regulations. We can provide suggestions or advice to appeal letters, as well as advice on process and contacts.

Click here for appeal letter template.

Academic Misconduct

If you are accused of academic misconduct, whether at the unit level or formally the MUN Students’ Union can navigate the process with you. We can attend any meetings or interviews, provide advice and help ensure any documents are correct and fair. The support level is whatever you need throughout.

If you ever find yourself having questions or problems, contact the Director of Advocacy, Hillary Bellows,  at (709) 864-7633 or Members are also more than welcome to drop by the MUNSU Office (UC-2000) to discuss their concerns at any time.