Bylaws & Policies Under Review

MUNSU adopts policies on a range of issues that affect students in their daily lives, but also issues that are of regional and global in scope. These range from issues like tuition fees and the cost of education , to environmental sustainability, to removing barriers impacting students’ identities (gender, sexuality, religion, etc), to broader issue on a global scale.

Policies are adopted through a range of mechanisms. Some policies are adopted at our national level through the Canadian Federation of Students. Other policies are adopted by means of referendum of our entire membership. The Executive Committee and other standing committees of the Union sometimes have to interpret policies or develop stances in response to urgent developments. The MUNSU Policy and Bylaw Review Committee meets regularly and recommends to the MUNSU Board of Directors policies and bylaws that should be updates or adopted.  MUNSU endeavors to ensure widespread consultation among its membership in reviewing, adopting or amending policies.

In order to ensure it is able to adequately focus attention on the policies under review, the number of policies which can be under review at any one time are restricted to a total of (three) 3:

  • New policies to be adopted;
  • Existing policies to be amended or revised; and
  • Outdated policies to be archived or removed
    The latter refers to policies which no longer serve an effective purpose or whose existence has been rendered redundant in response to legal/legislative changes.

Policies are currently under review will be posted below. You are encouraged to share any feedback on them by emailing our BoD Secretary and/or the committee chair


Policy Review September 2018


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