The Advocacy Committee is chaired by the Executive Director of Advocacy and is responsible for: i. ensuring student representation on all committees and decision-making bodies at Memorial, and ensuring that all student representative seats are filled by members of the Union appointed by the Union; ii. researching issues and undertaking initiatives and campaigns to improve the academic well-being of students; and iii. overseeing the advertising and nomination of student Senate and Regent appointments, and approving the appointment of those student representatives.

The Campaigns & Action Committee is chaired by the Executive Director of Campaigns and is responsible for: i. organizing initiatives and campaigns to improve accessibility to post-secondary education, and coordinating all campaigns and government relations work of the Students’ Union; ii. defending the on-campus and off-campus rights of students whenever they are threatened; and iii. identifying issues which are of concern to students as members of the wider community, and organizing initiatives and campaigns to reflect the role of students as members of civil society.

The Finance & Services committee is chaired by the Executive Director of Finance & Services and is responsible for: i. reviewing, on an ongoing basis, the services of the Students’ Union, as well as any proposals to improve or alter those services, developing proposals for any new services, implementing and promoting Students’ Union and Federation services, as appropriate; ii. soliciting membership feedback on services of the Students’ Union and Canadian Federation of Students; iii. handling health and dental plan appeals; iv. developing the annual budget of the Students’ Union, in consultation with all; v. relevant parties, and presenting it to the Board and to the membership for ratification, and proposing revisions of the budget to the Board when necessary; and vi. reviewing the finances of the Students’ Union on a regular basis, so as to ensure compliance with the budget.

The Membership Engagement Committee is chaired by the Executive Director of External Affairs, Communications, and Research, and is responsible for: i. periodically reviewing the efficacy of the Constitution and Bylaws, and proposing revisions as necessary; ii. coordinating yearly review of MUNSU Policy Manual; iii. overseeing and enhancing promotional initiatives and communications of the Students’ Union, both internally toward its membership and externally to community; iv. working to engage the membership of the Students’ Union in the initiatives and services of the Union.
The Student Life committee is chaired by the Executive Director of Student Life and is responsible for: i. overseeing the membership structures of the Students’ Union, including but not limited to clubs, societies, and Resource Centres; ii. overseeing and administering the provision of grants to members and to membership structures; and iii. coordinating membership-wide events such as, but not limited to, Winter Carnival and Welcome Weeks.

Chaired by the Women’s Representative and a female member of the Executive and is responsible for: i. identifying barriers to women’s full participation in university life, developing strategies to address these barriers, and advancing women’s equity in the University community; ii. ensuring that the specific needs and concerns of women are being addressed in all of the work undertaken by the Union; and iii. membership shall be open to all members of the Students’ Union self-identifying as women.

Chaired by the Executive Director of Finance and Services and is responsible for: 

i. advertising vacant employment positions with the Students’ Union;
ii. interviewing candidates for all employment positions with the Students’ Union (with the exception of bargaining unit positions which shall be conducted in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement);
iii. reviewing periodically the efficacy of the Students’ Union Employment Policy and proposing revisions as necessary; and
iv. familiarizing themselves and the workplace with up to date labour policies and legislation.

Chaired by the Executive Director of Student Life and is responsible for:

i. the promotion, review, and disbursal of the following grants and awards of the Students’ Union:
1. Conference Hosting Grants,
2. Impact Awards,
3. Individual Merit Funds,
4. Special Project Grants;

ii. reviewing the efficacy of these grants and awards, and proposals for new grants or awards;

iii. ensuring the efficiency of grant and award disbursal systems to ensure that members are properly communicated with and receive approved grants in a timely manner.

Chaired by the Chief Returning Officer (or a delegate) and is responsible for:

i. conducting hiring processes for elections staff, including but not limited to the Chief Returning Officer, Deputy Chief Returning Officer, and polling captains;
ii. supervising, in collaboration with the Chief Returning Officer, all elections and referenda of the Students’ Union, and assisting in their successful implementation;
iii. handling any appeals from candidates or referendum teams, according to the processes outlined in the bylaws and the Elections Policy;
iv. reviewing any issues arising from elections or referenda, and bringing issues or proposed revisions to existing policies to the Board; and
v. periodically reviewing the efficacy of elections and referenda processes and recommending revisions wherever appropriate

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Bylaws & Policies Under Review


This committee reviews current bylaws and preposed bylaws

In order to ensure it is able to adequately focus attention on the policies under review, the number of policies which can be under review at any one time are restricted to a total of (three) 3:

New policies to be adopted;
Existing policies to be amended or revised; and
Outdated policies to be archived or removed

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