The Purpose of a Budget

Despite popular belief, a budget should not dictate how an organization spends its money. Instead, the priorities of the organization should, and the budget should then reflect those priorities. This is why MUNSU’s budget goes through so many levels of review before it can be approved: each committee budget is discussed at their respective committee, and then the budget as a whole is discussed at the board level. This ensures that the Board of Directors can mold the budget to best reflect where money should be spent throughout the year, ensuring that the budget reflects the priorities of Memorial’s students, and therefore the priorities of the Students’ Union. An example of this is seen in the increase to the Campaigns & Actions Committee and the Membership Engagement Committee budgets over the years, as reaching out to students, hearing their voices, and campaigning to ensure that those voices are heard far and wide is and always will be a priority of the Union.


Contact: Sophia Solomon, Director of Finance and Services | finance@munsu.ca | (709) 864-7633 ext. 205

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