——– RESULTS ——–

  • Executive Director of Campaigns
    Brad Greeley (178) – ELECTED
    Kyekue Mweemba (122)
    Adele Power (104)
  • Queer Students’ Rep
    Derek Semerad (154) – ELECTED
    Morgan Simms (146)
  • Students with Disabilities
    Alison Kavanagh (186) – ELECTED
    Andrew Nash (88)


  • Pharmacy Rep – Christina Tran
  • Education Rep – Hannah Delany
  • Paton College Rep – Tristan Philipson
  • Burton’s Pond Rep – Sagnik Ghosh


  • MacPherson College Rep
  • Part-time Students Rep

Please refer to the MUNSU Bylaws for further information pertaining to the duties and responsibilities for each position here: http://munsu.ca/about/bylaws/.
Any questions about the by-election should be directed to
Chief Returning Officer, Taylor

Meet your the new MUN Students' Union Board of Directors

The election process for 2017-2018 positions on the Union's Board of Directors concluded in March 2017. Click the link below to check out the list of Board members who began their term on May 1, 2017!

Click here for the list of Board members!

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